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Tips for Improving Your Business Despite the COVID19 Pandemic

It does not come as a surprise that the outbreak of the virus has caused pain and hardship for many individuals and businesses. Some have suffered the pain of losing a loved one as a result of the virus while others have endured financial hardship. Many have been affected in a variety of ways. During this trying time, it is important to be understanding of all individual hardships and do what we can to improve our own situation. With a focus on small businesses that are struggling, here are a few tips for improving business and keeping your doors open through this new normal.

Start with your website.

A business’s website is often the first introduction a customer will have to the business. It is the face of what your business stands for, and your mission statement is represented by not only the words on your website, but also the formatting and word placement. If the face is uncomely, it can be a turn-off to the company as a whole. You can improve your visibility and keep orders moving by improving the look and the usability of the website. Whether the website needs to be cleaned up or filled out, this shutdown may be the perfect time to polish up the face of your business.

Not surprisingly, many people will stop using a website or service if the layout is unattractive or the functionality is cumbersome. You can rejuvenate your website cosmetically and make it more user-friendly by adding new features: updating pictures, changing the order of your website’s pages, adding a call to action, or rejuvenating logos. By making changes to formatting and adding photos and charts, you can enhance your website for optimal viewer satisfaction as well as increase search engine optimization (SEO). Consider adding automation. Designing a simple chat bot can improve the usability and attract more traffic to your website.

It is important to remember that the order in which you present the details of your website generally states your priorities as a business. If you have a large button saying ‘Pay online’ right at the top of your homepage, it will seem as though monetary gain is your primary goal, regardless of what is written in your mission statement. Because of this, you state your priorities through page placement on your website. To give the best first impression, try showing service and results up front. Include detailed explanation and illustrations of the services you offer and publish customer reviews in a prominent way. You can further break down your services offered by publishing articles detailing what you offer and why it is needed.

Connect with your clients.

Sending thank you notes is a great way to connect with your clients despite not being able to serve them in person. You may find that sending out personalized notes thanking your clients for their continued business and understanding can increase visibility for your small business. Keeping in touch in this way can also greatly improve the chances of clients returning once life goes back to normal. Another way to stay in touch with your clientele is to revisit your website and add a blog to improve your website’s SEO and increase viewer interest. A blog or collection of articles relevant to your services will give your clients reading material to stay in touch while under quarantine. In addition, you will be able to offer detailed explanations of your services offered through the articles you publish.

Consider selling online.

As the lockdown continues and people are forced to stay in their homes, online shopping has become more useful than ever. Many consumers are ordering off the internet for everyday items such as bathroom tissue and dish soap since foot traffic is limited in most stores. Many small businesses might find the ability to keep order input steady by utilizing online commerce. Although shipping might be slower than normal and other issues may arise due to the different type of commerce, the best thing to do is to maintain communication with your clients. Keep a reassuring tone and thank them for their continued business. Even though it may be completely different from the way your small business is accustomed to operating, selling online can be an efficient option that allows you to keep selling despite not being able to cater to customers in person.

Avoid Manipulating the Situation for Personal Gain.

Launching special offers and sales to stay in business and ride out the shutdown is one thing, but if you find yourself tempted to use the situation to coerce business, Stop! Exploiting a global pandemic for personal gain is not acceptable. On the contrary, making small changes to stay afloat while being able to show humanity will prove more beneficial to any business. Keep in mind how your services fit into the new normal of people’s everyday lives.

Whether it is redesigning your website or sending mailings to stay in touch with your clients, there are a few options to improve your business through this difficult situation. Show concern by reminding your clients to stay safe and take appropriate precautions. Implementing these actions will help you find a new normal and get through this pandemic while being able to sustain your small business.

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